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Search Management

If your search isn't returning any results or you're seeing an error message when you begin your search, you're probably using parameters that are too narrow for Selectable's™ matching engine. For example, you may be using search keywords that are too specific, searching only one platform, or setting filters that eliminate all relevant profiles (remember, Selectable™ will not show searches that return less than 10 matches).

Try using more general keywords (e.g. "vegan food" instead of "vegan spinach pizza"), including more platforms, or widening your filter ranges. If you're still having trouble finding the right matches, you can contact the Selectable™ support team for help.


There are several reasons why an Influencer may not be responding to messages; –– remember, Influencers are real people and may not always be available to respond immediately. If an Influencer is not in-network (i.e. has a yellow "out-of-network" badge next to their display name), it may mean that they have not yet checked their publicly-listed email account or social media inbox.

If the Influencer is in-network (i.e. has a blue "in-network" badge next to their display name) and is not responding to communications on the Selectable™ messenger, you may try adjusting your initial note to provide more information about the brand and/or campaign. You may also try adjusting your initial offer to the Influencer. If you do not receive a response after several attempts, we recommend attempting to contact other Influencers or preforming a new search.


Click on any of the Influencer's main images on the left side of your screen. A dialogue with more information about the Influencer will display beneath the result. Click the "+ Add Influencer" button on the right side of the dialogue to add this Influencer to your saved list for this search.

Open your Saved Influencers Lists by clicking the "Influencers" icon in the main nav. Click on any of the Influencer's main images on the left side of your screen. A dialogue with the Influencer's information will display beneath the result. Click the "Remove Influencer" button on the right side of the dialogue to remove them from your saved list.

Selectable™ always lets you access your previous searches, so you can't completely delete them from your account. Contact support if you have more questions about your saved searches.

Note: Just because we always save previous search results, doesn't mean you shouldn't periodically run your search again! Many new Influencers often appear on social media (and others may fall-off), so it's important to make sure you have fresh search results when starting a campaign.

Click the "New Search" icon in the main nav and input your search parameters the same way you did when you first setup your advertiser account.

Disputes with an Influencer can sometimes happen during the course of a campaign (e.g. late posting, alterations to approved post content or imagery, etc). If you are unable to directly resolve a dispute, please contact the Selectable™ dispute resolution team for assistance.

You can perform a new search by clicking the "New Search" (magnifying glass) icon in the main nav and entering new parameters into the search dialogue. However, if your original search returned at least 10 results, that search will count towards your monthly subscription plan and can't be re-done without using another monthly search. If you need help choosing the right parameters, you can contact the Selectable™ support team.

No! Influencers will only see any information about you or your brand when you choose to communicate with them, but never when you view or save them.

We do not currently offer advertisers the ability to rate Influencers, but you can always contact the Selectable™ team to provide us any feedback!

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