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Selectable™ is one of the first universal social media search platforms. Rather than only showing you a small group of Influencers who have been pre-selected by our team, we let you preform a search of the entire social web to identify both new and established talent with relevance to your target audience. "In-network" Influencers have applied for special status on the Selectable™ platform, making them easier to contact and securely pay. We approve as many qualified applications as possible, but please note that not every search will return in-network results. As new Influencers are added to the network, you will see their status update in the search results list.

We're sorry to hear that! The Selectable™ matching engine makes every attempt to deliver as many relevant options as possible for each search. If you are experiencing trouble with the relevance of your Influencers, you may try performing a new search using different or more specific keywords. If your issues are with the number of available options, consider also widening the filters applied to your search.

If you're still having trouble finding the right matches, you can contact the Selectable™ support team for help.


The information displayed about an Influencer in the search results can sometimes be slightly different than the information on the Influencer's actual profile. This can happen for a number of reasons, such as:

  • Changes in content or performance since last update: if the Influencer has undergone a radical change in content, biography, account ownership, or performance around the time of your search, their information may not have been fully updated and/or processed by our analytics engine since that time. The information should be corrected within 24 hours.
  • Aberrant performance signals within sampled time period: Selectable™ analyzes a number of signals from an Influencer's social media profile in order to display data about the Influencer. Sometimes a particular post or piece of content can generate a substantial amount of engagement within the time period that we have analyzed (e.g. because the post was uniquely topical, was part of a high-profile collaboration, etc). As a result, these signals may cause statistics such as engagement rate to appear higher than the true average. You can confirm the stability of an Influencer's performance by clicking either the left or right navigation arrows in the search results page and viewing their historical post engagement charts. Look for spikes or other inconsistencies which may be causing the unusual calculation. These aberrations should naturally correct over time.
  • Calculation error: very rarely the inconsistent data may be the result of a technical issue with our analytics engine. If you suspect that this may be the case, please contact the Selectable™ support team to report the issue. We will work as quickly as possible to correct any technical errors affecting your results.

Selectable™ ranks audience credibility by analyzing the composition and behaviors of an Influencer's followers. The credibility score is designed to tell you approximately what percentage of an Influencer's audience are real social media users. Specifically, the score examines the profile picture, biography, and content publication history of a statistically meaningful sample of the followers, using our proprietary search technology.

Selectable™ studies a number of metrics to create estimated Influencer prices; including reach, engagement, network status, and audience data. These estimates are only offered to provide you a sense of an Influencer's potential value and are not evaluated by either the Selectable™ team or the Influencers themselves.

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