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Meet Selectable.™
A Social Influencer Marketing platform that lets you discover the best Influencers for your brand.


Focus on finding the right audience for your sponsored content, at a price that fits your budget.


Support for Every Brand Category

Influencer Marketing Company for women's fashion dresses
Social Media Marketing for Restaurants
Instagram Influencer for music producers and recording artists
Instagram Influencer for travel and destination brands
Influencer Agency for health & wellness brand/product

A Universal Social Marketing Solution:

Search by Demographic

Discover the best Influencers using detailed demographic and psychographic filters.

Target Audience Interests

Find social media audiences for your brand that share one or more relevant interests.


See Audience Data

No smoke and mirrors – see every Influencer's real audience data in real time.

Selectable™ lets you search every Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram Influencer: not a closed network run by a marketing agency.

Influencer Dashboard Management:

Save Favorites

Save your favorite Influencers and refresh their data with just a click. You'll have live access to audience credibility scores, engagement histories, and more.

Contact Social Media Influencers

You can easily contact any Influencer in the Selectable™ Network right from the platform. If an Influencer's not in our network, you can still send them an email or custom social message!

Signup for Free

Create a free advertiser account and test drive the Selectable™ platform today. You can choose a payment profile later!

Tiered Pricing to Support Any Campaign Budget:

Small Brands



  • 6 Custom Searches per Month
  • Pay Nothing for a Search Returning Less Than 10 Results

Best for Marketing Budgets <$100

*Full-feature Access


Enterprise Brands



  • 25 Custom Searches per Month
  • Only $3.50 per Search After First 25
  • Pay Nothing for a Search Returning Less Than 10 Results

Best for Marketing Budgets >$1k

*Full-feature Access