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  • $7.00 for Every Search More Than 25
  • Pay Nothing for Less Than 10 Results
  • Full Search Features

Best for Marketing Budgets >$1k

*1 Credit = 1 Search


A scalable, reliable pricing model.

The Perfect Solution for Enterprise Brands.

The Selectable™ platform is great for enterprise Influencer Campaigns. We offer reliable, actionable data that you (or your clients) can trust for your marketing initiatives. You can perform high-quality Influencer searches for just $7 a search when you buy at least 25 credits.

Selectable™ is the easiest, most affordable way to view powerful Influencer metrics like audience interests, age and gender mix, locations, and audience credibility. For enterprises with more clients or a greater need for raw data, we also offer access to the proprietary Selectable™ API. Contact our team for more information.


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