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SocianSelect rejects nearly 95% of the applications we receive. Our Influencers are members of a custom-curated network of popular bloggers, creators, and experts. They're vetted by our team to ensure quality and accuracy throughout your brand’s social media campaign.


A Trusted Network of Content Creators

Image of horses from travel and design blogger Briana Lyons. 4k Instagram Likes.
Image of a white house and foliage taken by SocianSelect Influencer Briana Lyons. 5.3k Instagram Likes.
Photo of upstate New York street by Briana Lyons of The Yellow Note. 3.9k Instagram Likes.
Social Media Influencer Briana Lyons of The Yellow Note blog pictured rowing a canoe. 3.7k Instagram Likes.
Photo of car in front of farmhouse by Briana Lyons of The Yellow Note blog. 3.9k Instagram Likes.
Briana Lyons from The Yellow Note blog.

Briana Lyons

Inspired by a love for Americana and small town charm, Briana shares photos and stories of her travels, scenes from the home she shares with her husband and two labradors, and glimpses of their life in upstate New York.

36.4k reach 5.33% eng.
Image of Farmhouse Project cabinetry taken by our Influencer Briana Lyons of The Yellow Note.

An Authentic Endorsement for Your Brand

Food pictured from above by the creators of the blog The Place I Was Telling You About. 1.5k Instagram Likes.
Interior of cafe as seen in the travel blog by Influencers R'el Dade and Marcus Lloyd. 2.5k Instagram Likes.
Brooklyn bridge photographed for the travel blog The Place I Was Telling You About. 1.7k Instagram Likes.
Interior of greenhouse photographed by the SocianSelect Influencers R'el Dade and Marcus Lloyd. 1.6k Instagram Likes.
Picture of coffee cups photographed by the bloggers R'el Dade and Marcus Lloyd. 1.5k Instagram Likes.
R'el Dade and Marcus Lloyd of The Place I Was Telling You About blog.

R'el & Marcus
'the place i was telling you about'

We are two Texans who started a blog to document our everyday explorations and all the places we were discovering. We focus on telling our audience about the best places to stay, eat, grab a cup of coffee, and shop.

23.1k reach 4.42% eng.
Image from Farmhouse Project taken by our Influencers R'el Dade and Marcus Lloyd of The Place I was Telling You About.

Your Dedicated Social Media Partners

SocianSelect Influencer Angelle Marix posing with handbag and sunglasses. 1.3k Instagram Likes.
Angelle Marix posing with blue sundress. 1.5k Instagram Likes.
Influencer Angelle Marix posing on street with apparel products. 1.6k Instagram Likes.
Picture of plants on shelf taken by Influencer Angelle Marix. 1.3k Instagram Likes.
Style blogger Angelle Marix pictured walking outdoors. 1.9k Instagram Likes.
Angelle Marix of the lifestyle blog Dashing Darlin.

Angelle Marix

I totally believe that style is a way to say who you are without having to speak! I love to inspire other ladies to be free and to be stylish, no matter your age or size. I love watching other ladies find their style and rock it!

45k reach 4.12% eng.
Photo of our Influencer and popular style blogger Angelle Marix with sunglasses and blue dress.
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