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What Clients are Saying about SocianSelect

"Our first month with Socian was a great hit. Their Social Media Influencers not only nailed the concept of our product, but quickly showed how much influence they truly have. Our website clicks double each time one of their Influencers posts a picture, and it doesn't hurt that the content is beautiful!"

Andy G.Necklettes

"Working with SocianSelect is exactly what my new company needed! The Influencers and their followers are the specific target audience that I aim to reach. My account manager is great to work with and she always explains everything that they are doing in detail. Every time a post is made my followers grow, and I’ve received orders as a result."

Konstanze Z.CocoRau NYC

"Dear Socian, thank you for taking our products to your amazing network of Social Media Influencers –– we are happy to share the example of our own great experience with the rest of your present and future clients. It has been a pleasure to work with you!"

Marco N.YoBrush LLC

You choose the budget you want to spend, you choose the custom Influencers who promote your brand.



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Only One $99 Setup Fee:

I'm an Individual


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  • You are:

A creative entrepreneur or new independent brand owner, looking to grow on Social Media.

  • Employees: only me.
  • Other Ads: none yet.
  • Social Media: just getting setup.

*One-time Fee.


I'm an Enterprise


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  • Your enterprise is:

An established organization looking to drive conversions and build organic online relationships.

  • Employees: ≥ 20
  • Other Ads: multiple channels.
  • Social Media: very active.

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