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You Might Be Wondering:

What is Social Influencer Marketing?
How do I find the right Influencers?
What kind of ROI can I expect?

Here Are 3 Amazingly Simple Answers:

It's organic brand content,

Instagram social marketing For your men's apparel brand
Brand Ambassador for your men's apparel brand
Influencer Marketing for your men's apparel brand
Social Media Influencer for your men's apparel brand
Influencer Agency for your men's apparel brand
Influencer Marketing Company for your men's apparel brand

Shared on popular social media profiles,

Brand Ambassador for health & wellness products
Influencer Agency for health & wellness brand/product
product placement marketing for fitness brand/product
  Influencer Marketing Company for health & wellness brand/product
Instagram growing service for health & wellness Industry
Influencer advertising for health & wellness Industry

With 11x the ROI of traditional marketing.

This real social media product placement is an organic way to build brand awareness.
A SocianSelect Social Media Influencer using organic online marketing to engage new customers.
An Instagram Influencer using Social Influencer Marketing to reach cosmetic & beauty customers in an attractive way.
Product placement through a Social Media Influencers engages consumers, as in this example.
Two Instagram Influencers shown engaging consumers through organic product placement for a food & beverage brand.
As seen here, Influencer Marketing makes it easy to engage customers through social media product placement.

Here's How it Works:

Create Account

Create a free advertiser account on the Selectable™ Platform. You can setup your payment profile later.

Perform Search

Use custom Influencer Search filters to find the most relevant Influencers and their audiences.

Hire Influencers

Selectable™ lets you contact and hire your Influencers right from the platform, using our secure payment system.

Selectable™ lets you search all of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter;– not a closed network with only a few Influencers.

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Options for Every Brand:

Small Brands



  • 6 Custom Searches per Month
  • Pay Nothing for a Search Returning Less than 10 Results

Best for Marketing Budgets <$100

*Cancel Anytime


Enterprise Brands



  • 25 Custom Searches per Month
  • Only $3.50 per Search After First 25
  • Pay Nothing for a Search Returning Less than 10 Results

Best for Marketing Budgets >$1k

*Cancel Anytime


Content That Gets Results:

Discover Customers

60% of consumers have been influenced by a social media post or blog review when making purchasing decisions.1

Grow Sales

Influencer Marketing increases purchase intent by 5.2x (especially when combined with other brand content).2

Increase Following

Diversifying your content marketing through social media keeps your brand relevant and drives organic reach.3

Scale Quickly

You can perform your first Influencer Search today, by signing up for a free advertiser account on Selectable.™

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